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Curry-Wille & Associates provides consultation and engineering design services for new, existing, or expanding livestock operations. Our Engineers have demonstrated professional experience with essentially all of the domestic animal species including designs for several wild animal species.  CWA has extensive experience working with private industry groups, government agencies, and with many universities located throughout the United StatesOur understanding of animals provides clients with designers who are knowledgeable of animal needs and provide facilities and environments conducive to optimum health and welfare, thereby assuring the safety of both the animals and the humans working with them.

Typical services provided by CWA include but not limited to:

  • Site Evaluation, Planning, and Design for: 

    • Dairy, Beef, Swine, Equine, & Poultry Facilitites

  • Regulatory Permitting Requirements

  • Livestock Housing Design Including:

    • Bedded pack, deep pit facilities, open floor, and open feedlots

  • Livestock Environment Conditions & Alternatives

    • Heating & cooling systems, mechanical and natural ventilation systems, ​

  • Manure Collection, Routing, Treatment, and Storage

    • Settling basins, concrete & earthen storage structures, vegetative treatment systems, sand settling lanes, pumping and piping systems​

  • Manure Application Systems

  • Animal Management Planning

  • Livestock Traffic Flow and Pasture Planning

  • Human ~ Animal Interaction for Safety and Disease Control

  • Evaluation of Existing Facilities

  • Animal Care Guidelines (Both Lab and Ag Guide)

  • ADA Accessibility In Agricultural Facilities

  • Bio-security and General Security

  • SMEP; Equipment Details; Construction Costs

  • University Projects (See Higher Education)

Please contact us for additional services not listed above

Deep Pit Beef Barn

Clarinda, Ia

Design of a deep pit beef building foundation including walls, columns, and footings and associated Iowa DNR permitting. The building size was 372' by 65' with a 12' deep pit underneath and pump out ports located on sides as well as on the end of the building. 

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